Warning from The IRS About Identity Theft

This is really alarming Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are about to get started with warnings they're coming from the IRS.7 Action News reports .

The IRS warns of new tax refund scam

If your personal information has been targeted or compromised the IRS will be contacting you by mail,about six months ago the IRS put out a warning stating that more than 300,000 taxpayer accounts may have been compromised.

Tonight that number has more than doubled the sensitive information can be used for identity theft or to claim fraudulent tax returns the thieves accessed a system called get transcript where taxpayers can get tax returns and other filings from previous years.

The IRS says it immediately began notifying taxpayers offering Identity theft Protection and giving them access to a program that assigns them special ID numbers that they must use to file their tax returns.

Previously the IRS said investigators believe the identity thieves were part of a sophisticated criminal operation based in Russia .

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IRS identity theft

Do you Know How to Choose Right Identity Theft Protection for your Family

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