Identity Theft

Uber belatedly reveals data breach affecting 57 million users

If you were using Uber last year then I have some bad news your personal details may have been hacked .

On Tuesday the company revealed hackers stole data on 57 million drivers and riders in October 2016 according to a statement from Uber new CEO derek  shahe the company discovered the breach in November 2016 but kasra Shahi said

He only learned of the breach recently hackers didn’t access credit card information or social security numbers but personal information like names email addresses and driver’s license numbers were all compromised .

Uber says roughly 600,000 drivers were affected and now it’s offering them identity theft protection and credit monitoring according to the uber CEO

The data was stored on a cloud service and then downloaded by two individuals outside the company

Uber then paid $100,000 to have the hackers delete this data none of this should have happened and I will not make excuses for it cuz Raja he said in a statement adding that,The company would learn from its mistakes but the news tops off a bad year for Uber former CEO Travis kalanick left the company in June after a string of scandals.

Since then new CEO Derek asaf jahi has had to stare down more issues including tussles with regulators around the world and continued allegations of sexual assault leveled against its drivers so is the data breach enough for you to stop using uber let us know your thoughts in the comments .

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