This Social Security strategy can help protect you against identity theft

Chances are, you’re probably not taking this crucial step to protect your Social Security number from identity thieves.

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Someone illegally using your Social Security number and assuming your identity can cause a lot of problems.
Children are more likely to have their Social Security Number being stolen  than adults. 

The report says 1.4 million illegals are working under stolen social security numbers as audit

This news story this one comes courtesy of The Washington Times and it says that most illegal immigrants who pay taxes have stolen someone else’s legal identity and the IRS doesn’t do a very good job of letting those American citizens and illegal immigrants know they’re being impersonated.

The tax agency Inspector General said in a new report released says that

The theft creates major problems for the American citizen and legal foreign workers whose identities are stolen and who have to deal with the explaining the money that they have never even earned



The IRS wants to know where is this money coming from where is and how come we haven’t paid taxes on it and imagine if you don’t work there or you never work there you never got that money you never earned it what are you going to do .?

You know it’s very expensive to go against the IRS trying to convince them it wasn’t your money.

The IRS only manages to identify half of the potential 1.4 million people likely affected by the fraud according to a report.

Russell George the inspector general said

Cases of employment identity theft can cause the significant burden on an innocent taxpayer.

including the incorrect computation of text is based on income that does not even belong to them.


how are you going to try to convince the IRS that you didn’t earn that money that you don’t work there that you know even if you do convince them is going to take a very long time and it’s going to be very very expensive?

This has been an ongoing issue in the federal government the IRS knows of 2.4 million people a year who file taxes using an individual taxpayer identification number which is generally giving out to immigrants who aren’t authorized to work but,

The IRS is not allowed to talk with homeland security to help agents identify who and where those taxpayers are!?

IRS knows that these illegals are using fake social security numbers in their filing under individual taxpayer identification numbers instead of their social security number ok they know this but the problem is that the IRS cannot talk with homeland security to get the issue fixed.

The migrants filed their forms with their ITIN s but the w-2 forms they submitted show valid social security numbers the day fraudulently gave to their employer to clear the initial work authorization check.

a staggering 87% of forms filed online using ITIN S showed income credited to a social security number more than half of the forms filed by paper also showed the same fraudulent behavior .

The IRS tries to mark the files of the fraud victims when electronic filings are used but the tax agency misses about half of the victims the Inspector General said.

For paper forms the IRS did even worse according to the audit, the tax agency in its official reply to the report insisted it takes identity theft very seriously.Kenneth C Corbin Commissioner for the IRS is wage and investment division said that it has just completed a pilot program to figure out how to notify taxpayers they’re victims of fraud, but he said in most of the cases they’re missing right now the social security numbers given Givens is given is for someone who doesn’t have a tax account on their system.

he said they can’t create a notification for someone who’s not in their files.

IRS agreed to some of the Inspector General’s recommendations but refused others Mr. Corbin said the IRS would do what I could but pleaded poverty but pleaded poverty saying that the agency had limited resources.