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We’re just gonna say it: Creating strong, complex passwords — and then actually remembering what those passwords are — has become a huge pain in the ass.

The well-known advice is that you shouldn’t use the same password for everything because it’s not safe. This is definitely true: According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report,

81% of hacking-related breaches involved the misuse of stolen or weak credentials — AKA crappy passwords.

And we probably don’t have to tell you this, but having your money or identity stolen isn’t exactly a good time.


Smart, simple ID Protection starts here
This app allows IDShield members to manage their passwords in one secure location. Powered by industry-leading security, IDShield Vault gives members easy access to their passwords on their desktop and mobile devices. The IDShield Vault smartly detects which fields are used for usernames and passwords and automatically fills in those values, making the login experience as seamless as ever. Within the mobile application, IDShield members can.

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IDShield VAULT App-Android

A password manager is an easier, more secure way to protect personal information and help to prevent identity theft,
The key to mastering passwords and protecting your identity


Things to consider when choosing a password manager:

  • Do you want passwords to be remembered on your phone and laptop? If so, you’ll need to make sure the password manager allows syncing on multiple devices. (As you’ll see, most free versions other than LastPass do not allow more than one device.)
  • Are you storing passwords just for personal use or do you need to share with a group?
  • Two-factor authentication: Using the Google Authenticator app, an external device, or something similar, does the password manager require a second form of insurance to make sure that it’s actually you trying to log in? Without this, if someone gets ahold of your master password, they have access to all of your stuff.
  • Emergency contacts: If you forget your master password, you need to make sure you’re not completely screwed. Many password managers are equipped with emergency contacts, which are basically the password version of writing someone into your will. Here is where you give a trusted friend, family member, or boss access to your master password in the event that you can’t provide it.

We’ve sifted through six of the best password managers out there to give you a rundown on what each plan offers, so you can find the one that fits your needs.

The key to mastering passwords and protecting your identity

A password manager is an easier, more secure way to protect personal information and help to prevent identity theft,  storing passwords for each online account and eliminating the need to rely on memory, easily found notes or the “Remember Me/Save Password” feature on devices. Perhaps best of all, the user has to remember only one password!

While a stand-alone password manager is good, a password manager integrated with an identity theft service is even better.

That’s why IDShield has launched Vault, a feature now available on most IDShield plans.

Go here To see More about IDShield Vault password manager and it benefits.

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