Staying Safe With Online and Offline Computer Backups

I was just taking a look at my backup setup on the home computer yesterday. I do a lot of video work and video files are HUGE and getting bigger as 4k and RAW formats start to become mainstream.

Ever wondered what 4k even means? Well here’s a nice comparison chart below thanks to Wikipedia:


RAW just means that it’s not a compressed file. That means it’s even bigger.

Just to give you an idea, a 64 minute 4k RAW file at 25fps is 512 GB. That fills up a hard drive really fast and is almost impossible to backup online unless you have a really, really fast internet upload speed and a great backup service to hold all that data.

So why are we talking about video, anyway? Hmmm… can’t remember. Back to backups.

Here’s the big question:

Do you back up your files?

Most people don’t, which is hard to believe. How many friends do you know that had a hard drive crash and lost ALL of their precious family photos? I know a few.

With that in mind, here are some stats and major backup flops to motivate you to start a regular backup plan for your devices.

More on what service to use and what to back up in a later post…