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Nowadays you need password manager assists for generating and retrieving complex passwords on demand. How many online accounts do you have? A dozen? or hundred and do you use the same simple password for all of them?


You can take a control of your identity from the poem of your hand with one App

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If you’re still using the same password you used in college, then you don’t have the right to mock babyboomers for not understanding technology.

In this age of ransomware and leakage, there’s no excuse for playing it fast and loose with your precious data. And though you can find any number of Online password managers Tool Here 

Are you sometimes Confused about password managers? They’re simpler than you might think.

Password Manager Tool
Password strength is a measure of the effectiveness of a password against guessing or brute-force attacks. … However the system must store information about the user passwords in some form and if that information is stolen, say by breaching system security, the user passwords can be at risk

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RoboForm After receiving an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and getting the 2017 TopTenReviews Excellence Award, it’s hard to keep describing how great this program is, but we’ll try.

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If you haven’t gotten around to using a password manager yet—one of the top safety practices recommended by security experts

Password manager app It automatically remembers different passwords for every site you use, and logs you in with a single click, while creating a random strong and unique password for each site. Read more… 


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