Register for our next Wednesday Webinar — February 25

Registration is open for the next installment in the Mintz Levin Privacy & Security Group Wednesday Webinar series —

This webinar,  scheduled for Wednesday, February 25,  will focus on privacy in the workplace. Our workplace is everywhere these days, which makes employment and privacy compliance even more challenging. Jen Rubin and Gauri Punjabi will discuss developments in the workplace privacy field, including statutory developments, mobile device regulation, social media’s impact on workplace privacy, recruiting and hiring, and some practical advice to keep your workplace policies in compliance with rapid legal developments.

Save the date and register online here!

And, ICYMI:   Our first Wednesday Webinar,  “The First Rule of How to Survive A HIPAA Audit: Be Prepared!”, was presented on February 5th.     If your company is a business associate, a HIPAA audit may be coming to your neighborhood in 2015!   If you missed it, you can download a recording and materials here.


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