New IRS Tax Return Fraud Identity Theft Thieves are to get Your Tax Refund Money Before You Do

IRS Tax Return Fraud can happen to you Even if you haven't yet filed your taxes and  somebody else may have already spent your refund, thieves are out to get your money but there are ways to protect yourself CBS 2 NEWS exposes this latest tax return identity theft refund rip off.

 Bob zagera says every year he typically ends up owing the government income tax rather than getting a refund ,so you can imagine his surprise when he got a Letter from the IRS that said .

Congratulations on your Refund 

He was surprised ​Especially because the zagarros hadn't even filed his taxes yet ,so He knew that something was up, somehow a Identity Theft thief's gotta hold as the zagarros as personal information including his social security number then filed a fraudulent return then directed the refund to go to go some unknown address .

Nearly 10 million Americans have their identity stolen every year. Don’t be one of them.

IDShield protects the identities of more than a million people in 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces. #1 Risk Management company in the World

it's lucrative and its hard to catch the individual who committed  IRS Tax Return Fraud Brian Lapidus with KROLL  a cyber security and investigations firm says .

There are countless ways thieves can get their hands on this information.!

You see criminals diving into

dumpsters, getting a Paper file, you see those putting malware on networks and accessing a corporation employee files.

You will also get unsolicited email asking you to confirm your information in order for the IRS to be able to process your tax return .

Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft IRS spokesperson Annie patner says scam artists aren't just going after individual tax payers they're actually targeting corporations nonprofit organizations schools .

Mr. zagarros would have been on the hook sword to speak for this refund, fortunately his phony tax return was flagged buy new filters put in place by the IRS .

He also subscribed to ID Shield a monthly service which protects his identity.

Kroll will correct identity theft issues when they occurs

KROLL and ID Shield  can guide the victims through the steps they need to take they can open up the restoration case if need , if there's any other issues going on with their social security number any other accounts that have been opened up this gives a victim of sense that they have someone on their side.

​Mr. zagarros Says :

If you think it's not going to happen you " You are  crazy " it can happen to you, it can happen to anybody .

Mr. zagarros still doesn't know exactly how his information was breached .

Last tax season the IRS thwarted nearly 6.8 billion dollars in fraudulent tax refunds ,this year agents are hopeful that they will catch even more...!?

Protect your identity

Identity theft protection Plan

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IRS Tax return Fraud



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