NEW Facebook Scam Friend Request

 WARNING a New Facebook scam to warn you about, it will have you thinking twice before you hit that accept button on a friend request and what you need to know to protect yourself .

​Don't Fall for This New Facebook scam

This latest Facebook Scam involves someone steeling your Facebook pictures and all the public information on your profile,with a few quick click the scammer close your page, connect with your friends and they have become a potential victims when they can tell you,from the scammer.

latest Facebook scams and hoaxes

take a look at the latest Facebook scams, hoaxes and news

You may be very coaches about protecting your personal profile You can put strong passwords and on your account Facebook account but 

Just last week Mr. zoos paredes learned ,being careful online doesn't prevent this new Facebook Scam  he thought his  account got hacked and that's why he changed  his password right away but  after talking to his friends they were saying that actually it's a fake Facebook profile .

The Montgomery County man realized someone took his facebook pictures and unique name and created a new Facebook account, luckily his friends let him know rightaway and they were saying ...

"Hey someone created a fake Facebook profile of you here with your picture asking us to be their friends and one of my friends said that they were also asking for money..

It's an easy way for scammers to prey on people , They will say things like

oh I'm out of state or out of the country

I lost my wallet CAN YOU SAND  me $5,000

Reginald Corbett had the cyber security organization he says, these profile corners are out to steel money or even your identity, the room you talk about is general conversation and over time will start to actually more personal questions bottom line when it come to this new Facbook scam .

Beware: if someone who's already on your friend list send you anew request don't assume they started a different page or got on facebook for a while

See New Facebook Scam on the News 

How do I report a fake Facebook account?

​Once you verify that it's fake facebook profile you can Contact facebook Hacked and Fake Accounts and facebook i will go to their process of verifying removing that person or remove that page off of facebook site Here 

Thanks to parative he alert friends, his clone page was taking down quickly and no one fell  to the scam .

I didn't really do any harm even personally .

He was still sure to put up a post letting everyone know about the imposter ..

If this story has you thinking and you're wondering if your facebook profile has been cloned ,there is a way to check you want a white click on your profile picture fade that to your computer then search the image in google images that will show you all of the different website associated with your picture reporded by Lindsay la fox five local news

Identity theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes.

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