More than 1 million children were victims of identity theft in 2017

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In 2017, over 1 million children were victims of identity theft, resulting in $2.6 billion in losses and millions of out-of-pocket expenses for families.
Kids are easy targets for hackers — they begin their online footprints much earlier than adults and most of their school and medical records are digitized.
Experts advise parents to routinely check their child’s credit score and freeze their accounts if any suspicious activity occurs.

How does Child identity theft occur
Because child identity theft can go undetected for years, it makes children’s social security numbers much more desirable.

Kids are easy targets for identity thieves — and they’re becoming more common ones, as well.

A new report from Javelin Strategy & Research says that in 2017, more than 1 million children in the United States were victims of identity theft, resulting in $2.6 billion in losses. Families paid an estimated $540 million in out-of-pocket costs because of the fraud.See the rest of the story at Business Insider


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