Medical Identity Theft Shocking Statistics that are scary to Know

Out of the healthcare threat you may not even be aware of thieves who steal your identity to leach up your health insurance, that kind of Medical identity theft happens to more than 300,000 Americans each year .

 That is a Stunning Number and Medical Identity Theft is Growing 

Stunning Number and Medical Identity Theft and is Growing

Medical identity theft (MIT) has become a major fraud issue over the past several years. However, most consumers may not be aware of the threats it poses.

Many people are thinking about it's difficult to deal with stolen credit cards,imagine this and here's why it is growing a combination of tough economic times where Americans are finding it harder and harder to pay their medical bills .

According to medical identity theft statistics Combined with an alarming trend of bolder and more sophisticated identity thieves out playing the system has medical insurance brought a top fright priority for government and private healthcare officials panic like absolute panic .

​Medical Identity Theft Cases

One of the victims vividly remembers the terrifying phone call from child protection services in April of 2006,they stated that she was under investigation because the baby she just had tested positive for methamphetamine .

​Medical Identity Theft Cases

When thieves take your personal data to get prescription drugs, doctor care, or surgery, it can endanger your health and trash your finances

No doubt she was a mother but she had given birth in over two years ,why turns out the salt lake city mother of four was a victim of medical identity theft an alleged drug abuser who was pregnant at the time stolen her driver's license,obtained her medical records and took on her identity delivering the baby under Andrew's name .

She was claiming that did not recently had a baby that my youngest is 2 years old,she said "come meet me and you'll know that I didn't just have a baby "

but social service investigators still made her life a living hell .

Even interrogating her young children, think this could never happen to you think again .

We have definitely seen an increase in medical identity theft over the last year and 2009 more than 300,000 Americans were victims of medical identity theft according to the Federal Trade Commission .

Examples of medical identity theft

People like Joe Ryan of Denver,he received a forty thousand dollar bill for a surgery he never had ,Hospital thought he was going to make this 44,000 our payment and he was proving to them that he had no scars from surgery, and they said no we're going to go ahead and pursue this and  of course like many of you would be in just believe. This just one of many examples of medical identity theft.

Medical authorities say that medical identity theft is more organized and sophisticated than ever.

medical identity theft is more organized

Federal Trade Commission found that more than half the victims of identity theft reported that the culprits were people they know — co-workers, friends, employees, neighbors, and even family members.

we have certainly heard reports of receptionist's specifically being sent in by some of these identity theft rings to do nothing more than steal identities.

Joe says the hospital absorb the loss but its credit was ruined mean while police arrested and charged the woman who stole Andrews identity but Andrew says his life has never been the same and worries that it could happen again anytime .

The hospital didn't want to help me the police didn't want to help me you know you're really on your own with this

How to Prevent Medical Identity Theft

so how can you tell if you're a victim of Medical Identity theft will hear some warning signs to look for . 

  1. Get a bill for services that you didn't receive or adebt collector contact you about a medical debt that you don't owe.
  2. If you file a legitimate claim but your insurer says you're over the limit those are some things to pay attention to .

What else can people do to protect themselves

How to Correct Errors in Your Medical Records

Follow all of your bills very carefully scrutinize everything and the number one tip they gave is  

Keep a hard file of your medical records  beyond what is important

Types of Identity theft

1 Social Security Fraud 2 Driver’s License Fraud 3 Criminal Identity Theft 4 Financial Identity Theft 5 Child Identity Theft 6 Change of Address Fraud 7 Employment Identity Theft 8 Peer-to-Peer Attacks 9 Medical Identity Theft 10 Creation of a New Person

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