Identity Theft Protection Do you Know How to Choose one for your Family

Identity Theft Protection services how to choose one that is for you many companies refer to their services as Identity theft protection or ID plans in fact, no service can protect you from having your personal information stolen.

What these companies offer are monitoring and recovery services.

Monitoring identity theft services watch for signs that an identity thief may be using your personal information.

Recovery services help you deal with the effects of identity theft after it happens according to FTC.

Problem of identity theft is and How to Choose Right Identity Theft Protection that is right for you .

There are five areas of identity theft and i will cover all of them

 As i mentioned there are five types identity theft and you want to get familiar with them.

  • Driver's license identity theft .
  • Social Security identity Theft .
  • Medical identity theft .
  • Character or criminal identity Theft and the fifth area of identity theft is your
  • Financial identity theft .

Let's First Start with driver's License Identity Theft 

When someone steals your Driver's license identity what they have done is taken your driver's license number and maybe had a DUI or DWI in your name.

Driver’s License Fraud and Identity Theft Protection

Providing your driver's license could put you at risk of identity theft Think twice before allowing businesses and others to record your data

You discover it at a routine traffic stop when they want to haul you off to jail for not attending court .

You didn't know you had to attend court ,drivers license is effectively our national ID system in all of the United States of America,

When you show up in an airport you're going to have to have your driver's license and in fact and we'll talk about this a little bit later.

You could be fine in the state you leave from and then you show up in another state and when you go to get back on the plane there's an out standing warrant for you there so that's your driver's license identity theft and the first reason to get Identity Theft Protection.

What do you know about Social Security Identity Theft 

Now our Social Security Numbers used as you well know for a number of different things but in this particular case want to talk about your Social Security identity being used by others potentially an illegal alien or someone else to earn income and they may not pay the taxes on it .

Someone illegally using your Social Security number and assuming your identity can cause a lot of problems.

Identity Theft protection and Your Social Security Number

Now this becomes relatively important down the line when you get a notice from the IRS that says that you of additional taxes because you're in a different tax bracket .

Recently we've heard reports of people having 37,38,80 and a hundred more people using their social security number and 15,20 even 30 or 40 different states

So there's your Social Security identity Theft second reason to get Identity Theft Protection. 

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identity theft protection service from idshield

Protect your identity with 5 Million Dollars service Guarantee

 Medical identity Theft May even Kill you 

  1. Could affect your ability to get a job.
  2.  Could affect your ability to get insurance.

Character or Criminal Identity Theft can and will put you in Jail 

The fourth area of your identity is your Character or Criminal Identity Theft

 That's where someone assumed your name and/or social security number and

criminal identity theft—where the criminal uses your identity to make you look like the criminal.

Criminal identity theft involves impersonation and it’s the worst kind of identity theft and the hardest to clean up.

Commits a crime in your name,they could commit a drug crime or crime of prostitution

That is what character criminal identity theft is the fourth reason you should consider Identity Theft Protection plan.

Financial identity Theft will get you broke 

The fifth area of identity is your Financial Identity Theft and the thing to remember here is that what you hear is not in fact .

The truth there is no such thing as zero liability, most people do not find out about identity theft until 14 months after it occurs.

Identity theft affects millions of people each year. You can learn how to make protecting yourself from identity thieves part of your daily routine.

Identity theft protection services can help you monitor your accounts and They can place fraud alerts

if someone creates a debt in your name and you do not deny that debt within 60 days you in fact owe the money.

Financial identity theft is becoming a very big deal as the bank's begin to enforce what they call regulation (E)

Requiring you to pay the debt even though you do not create it did not sign a single document and did not get the money, you in fact end up having to pay it back.

How to Choose Right Identity Theft Protection Plan 

Best Identity Theft Protection service with restoration is what you want to have for you and your family backed up by 5 Million dollars service Guarantee.

The first thing you need to know is who's doing the work

Protect your identity

Identity theft protection Plan

KROLL background America and ID Shield  has been around for over 30 years KROLL dose  some of the forensic accounting for the FBI

They do some of the forensic of accounting for the Securities and Exchange Commission in the recent ENRON trial they in fact unraveled the partnerships for the FCC and the federal government in that prosecution,that's who we've got helping you,not a new found company like LifeLock ,ID Watchdog  or Identity Guard.

  •  Change of address for instance would show up any derogatory information that may show up on your credit report
  • Any filings by the government
  • Any new accounts being listed those sorts of things .

3.  Third major thing they do is true restoration as we like to call it they will do most of the work in helping you restore your identity

  • if in fact it is stolen and they require you obviously file the initial police report and signed a limited power of attorney, that allows them to go do most of that work .
  • Now that includes not just your credit history but
  • They will check your department of motor vehicle or driver's license identity and your county they'll also do a
  • Medical information bureau file search for help you get that corrected if that needs to be done
  • They will also do an NCIC report which is basically a report on your criminal identity
  • They'll go run through the National system and see if you're showing up as having committed crimes and other places and
  • They'll help you through the process of getting your identity in fact restored
Kroll will correct identity theft issues when they occurs

Licensed private Investigators at kroll will help you with you Identity theft protection and restoration

The daily restoration applies for both you and your spouse it obviously does not cover if you commit a crime yourself as well any pre-existing identity theft issues are not covered by this plan

The daily restoration applies for both you and your spouse it obviously does not cover if you commit a crime yourself as well any pre-existing identity theft issues are not covered by this plan

This plan as well does not cover financial losses

it's one of the reasons that you want to have the plan to mitigate those losses but it does not cover the actual losses.

Obviously your plan must be enforced and any restoration does not cover a business or business name or business identity theft .

Identity Theft Protection  with Restoration

Identity Theft Protection with Restoration

you do not have to remember what I've told you today there's a great form that we have a little booklet called the Identity Theft sample Membership kit

it's a 10 or 12 page document that lays out in detail all that we do and i urge you to go get one of those documents give it to your new members because it really does in detail what we can't do in this couple of minutes but shows how much in fact is required if your identity stolen and then how much in fact we do for you if that occurs.

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