How to Keep Your Cyclonis Password Manager Account Safe

A password manager is one of the best tools there are to protect user’s passwords, but like any other software, it cannot be one hundred percent safe. No doubt, stealing login credentials or other sensitive data the user might have on his account is something many cybercriminals would like to succeed in. However, recent research reveals passwords managers might be more vulnerable to inside hacking or, in other words, attacks from people that might be around you, e.g., roommates, co-workers, guests, and so on. Having this in mind, we decided to give our readers useful tips about how they can keep Cyclonis Password Manager accounts safe. Therefore, further in this blog post, you will find descriptions of features that could help you create more safety layers for the application. Also, we will remind you what you should and should not do to protect your account to keep your passwords safe.

Cybersecurity specialists consider password managers safer than tools integrated into browsing applications. Such software is also much more reliable than storing passwords, for example, on a Microsoft Word document or a piece of paper. Most of these applications, including Cyclonis, allow users saving information like login credentials or identification details on an encrypted vault that is either set up on the user’s device or his cloud storage. Also, users’ vaults are encrypted with a master password that they have to come up with on their own. Consequently, no one else, not even the programs’ creators can access their information. Nonetheless, hackers are looking for ways to hack into such accounts, which is why users should do their best to make their task nearly impossible.

How to add extra security layers to keep Cyclonis Password Manager account safe

Set up Two-Factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is when the user is required to provide a second factor besides his password to log in, for example, it could be a text message received via phone. Cyclonis Password Manager’s users can choose 2FA with an additional authentication code sent to their preferred email addresses. You can select whether you wish the software to require this code on each login or only when logging in from new devices. Before enabling 2FA, we would also like to give you a tip: To make the process even more secure, you could create a new email that you would use only when logging into Cyclonis or your banking accounts. A separate email not connected to any other accounts or used for writing emails is less likely to be hacked as cybercriminals might be unable to find out about its existence.

Pick a strong master password

The only way to get into your encrypted vault is to provide your master password. It is not just any passcode as it is also the vault’s decryption key. Thus, inserting it not only unlocks your encrypted vault but also decrypts all content available on it. Therefore, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to think of a combination no one would be able to guess or brute-force easily. It might seem like a challenging task to think of a safe password that would be memorable, but if you use the tips we listed in this blog post, we are sure you should manage without any difficulties.

Allow the tool to update itself

Another thing we would highly recommend is to update your password manager regularly. Updates may not only improve the program’s tools or add new functionality to it, but also eliminate vulnerabilities that could have been discovered. This is why it is essential to install updates as fast as possible. Cyclonis Password Manager offers the Notifications feature that can inform you when the application can offer updates for its browser extension, definition updates, and so on. To enable these notifications you should go to the Settings tab and take a look at the View section.

How to protect your account from inside hacking

Keep your master password safe

Inside hacking is when a person with access to the user’s device hacks his account. Usually, we do not think someone among our family members, friends, co-workers, or other people close to us could seek our sensitive information. The first step in preventing this is keeping your master password safe and making it as complex as possible. In case there are more people who use the same computer as you, it would be smarter to require them to create their separate Cyclonis accounts. The process of having to log in and log out all the time might seem tiring, but it might be worth your while as you never know who may appear to be interested in your passwords.

Enable automatic log out

In case there are more people who use the same device, we would recommend logging out from your Cyclonis account when you no longer need it. Sadly, some of us have too many things to worry or think about, which might result in forgetting to log out of Cyclonis. To prevent this from happening, it would be smart to make the program log you out automatically. Naturally, our password manager lets you choose when it should log you out, for example, when the user becomes inactive for a specific time or when the computer’s screensaver is activated. These features are provided on the Logout section available via Settings.

Make the program ask for your master password

The Auto-filling feature is one of the things that make software like Cyclonis Password Manager so convenient and a must-have application for anyone who hates typing passwords or loves saving time. On the other hand, this useful feature might put your accounts at risk if the program auto-fills login fields without asking for a master password; making it possible for anyone who has access to the computer connect to your accounts automatically. Thus, we highly recommend clicking the lock icon (next to the Delete button) to password protect the saved login credentials. Lastly, you should go to the application’s Settings and enable features suggested in the Advanced section. Enabling them makes the program require a master password when viewing or editing passwords, credit card/payment details, and identification information. This prevents anyone from viewing or editing your sensitive information even if you forget to log out.

The application has a lot of safety features to offer, so if you want to keep Cyclonis Password Manager account safe, you should make sure you enable them. As longs as you do not let your guard down, the application will keep your passwords safe.

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