How Marshmallows Predict Your Success

What is this marshmallow test?

Well, when you look at children, nevertheless, you look at all the different theories about what would make successful kids, you realize that practically all the theories are wrong, simply because they haven’t been verified.

Like, like high IQ. You do have a lot of high IQ people who end up as marginal members of society, and therefore what is the one psychological test the fact that correlates with success in life?

And I found out it is the marshmallow test.  

That includes kids, and ask them, do you want a very marshmallow now, or two marshmallows a couple from now?

And the kids that are looking the marshmallow now tend to be those which want shortcuts.

Those that don’t want to do the hard be effective. They want the quick kill, the company grab that marshmallow. But the some other ones say, now wait a short time.

If I wait two many hours, I can get two marshmallows. I myself hold out, there’s a pot of gold rings waiting for me. They’re not want to take the shortcut. And so, you tell yourself, well that’s a test for childrens.

But then you track them, era by decade by decade, , you find that they are more successful, they have a minimized divorce rate, higher income, substantial status in society, that need not want that simple payoff now, are usually gonna delay gratification into the future.

And so I came to the realization that’s the key to success in life, not just scientific research, but in life. Don’t take the cutting corners. –

But you can it be taught? –

Well, an important part of it is your personality that is been created when you are very young, okay, let us be very clear about that. But I feel that yes. I think that, like it turns out that if you do the same thing by way of poor children and the same thing as well as middle-class children, it turns out that inadequate children, in general, will go for the easily kill, because they know that things fade real fast.

If there’s currency the house, it’s gone in the future. You can send show people that there’s a pot attached to gold out there, that yes, you own out, you go to college, you learn the actual discipline, there’s a pot of citrine out there. You can learn to appreciate that fact.

What we have in the brain this really is different from animals is we perceive time.

We understand future. My grandparents came to New jersey a hundred years ago. But imagine, desiring great, life expectancy was 49 years of age. Air cleaner will add, you were born, you had kids, and even died. Life was a bitch. (laughing) Now, we have an increased lifespan, surely the luxury goods, instead of yelling down the drain, which is what my grandparents may to communicate, we have the internet.

For that reason when you look at it long term, the 10 years for a decade, you realize the enormous move that we’ve made, we continuously daydream, we scheme, we story, we constantly think about what could be. At this time let’s do an experiment. Return home tonight, and teach your dog the idea of tomorrow.

Try it. Teach tips the concept of tomorrow. The next week, the actual year. And you realize, you can’t .

Animals live in the present. And that’s what intelligence is. Intelligence is being inside map the future, simulate the future. Decide on get an experiment of people with lower IQ, and high IQ, push them in the same room, and you give to them the same job.

Rob a bank. You will find out that the low IQ we probably do a much better job most typically associated with robbing a bank, plotting the financial institution robbery, than high IQ ladies, who get all messed up due to legal implications and stuff like the.

The point is as you possibly can have some very smart robbers, basically because see the future, and that’s what we men do that animal cannot.

We actually daydream. We constantly create industrys that don’t exist. And to just, that’s what intelligence is. A lot of ask me, well what is the that mean of life, then? And I tell you to myself that is somebody gives you, at up high, the meaning of life, it really too easy.

Imean, is that almost? My attitude is that its self-discovery. We have to reinvent ourselves. That we have to allow them to recreate ourselves, that the meaning connected life is a rediscovery. (Upbeat music)