Can Drivers License Identity Theft Happens to You

Taking other people’s money is a trillion-dollar industry we’re talking about Drivers License Identity Theft and will likely impact half of Americans just this year.


Can driver's license number be used for identity theft

it's just a matter of when you're going to get your stolen it's not a matter of if ,experts say stealing someone's identity by copying their Drivers license information is the most common and easiest form of identity theft .

These criminals use the same websites young people use to get their fake IDs car dealerships are also a hot spot for drivers license theft identity theft expert Julie Ryan says when you test drive a car make sure the dealership destroys the copy of your license lieutenant Andy Norris of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office says .

Driver license number stolen

If you think you've been the victim of  Drivers License Identity Theft don't wait ,it's imperative that if anything ever happens you thought a report and get documented .

Arrested for Drivers licence identity theft

What happens when you are Driver's License Identity Theft victim

Because it's not just he said you know he said he said or he said she said say you get pulled over the officer comes to the window as for your license and registration ,the next thing you know the officer is telling you about the warrant out for your arrest in South Dakota a state you've never even been.

To the bad news here is unless you have police documented proof that your identity has been stolen you're going to the slammer fortunately I didn't thieves face up to 10 years in prison but what about getting your life back on track .

As our federal government says it's going to take you six hundred hours to fix your life once you're hit with Drivers License Identity Theft, Ryan says to keep yourself protected check your debit account weekly and never let anyone have your driver's license.! 

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