Digital pickpockets using RFID technology to steal credit cards

Known as Digital Pickpockets  Credit card hackers have been making News headlines stealing information from millions of shoppers at stores like target and michaels and There is a new way that thieves can hack your card just by walking by you .

Some people may call this like science fiction but as you will see first hand this is the real deal no science fiction electronic pickpocketing is a real deal 

we're talking about smart chips there are 200 million of these cards in circulation right now Identity thieves don't need to be close folks 25 feet away and your credit or debit card is there's

How do they do it Digital Pickpockets

As many people sitting in local mall food port don't know it but their credit card numbers are actually being scanned stored and stolen while they eat how many cards are we talking about Hold that thought.?

Protect your identity

Identity theft protection Plan

Chris Gilman a senior consultant with National Crime stop said the radio frequency chip in your credit card is the secret it allows you to pay with the waves just inches in front of the store scanner but think about it what if someone bought a scanner and boosted that signal,they can boost the signal strength from two or three inches 20 or 25 feet this  electronic pickpocket device for sale for eight dollars.

That's what Kristen did and many other identity hackers are doing slipping through the crowd with the enhanced scanner wireless rfid credit card reader in a satchel and they dont have to talk to anyone they will just simply walking through the crowd which is what these criminals do.

RIFD technology to steal credit cards from Millions of Shoppers

How do they do it Digital Pickpockets

  • They call it pocket surfing
  • Wireless theft
  • Rfid pick pocketing
  • Digital Pickpockets

In less than two minutes he pocket surf his way to 19 credit card numbers with wireless RFID credit card reader.

Identity Thieves will get your information with RFID scanner including codes and pin numbers and the victims never as you walk down the street you are basically walking with your name number expiration date on on your shirt he sad.

As far as a hack is concerned Gilman a UCF computer science grad had tested that theory before, last fall he documented a one-man hit in downtown Orlando and in 45 minutes flat he walked away with 63 credit card numbers.

63 numbers and 45 minutes that is I think and it should shock anyone who's not in the industry who maybe is even unaware that this Digital Pickpockets  is even possible .

So think about when you are sitting in the restaurant your credit card or debit card can be maxed out and you wouldn't know it how and you wouldn't know when.

This Device is  like a bulletproof vest for your wallet gilpin says he has a solution he calls it the signal vault he says it'll blockthe pickpocket scanner and he pruved it .First he tested the unprotected credit card,then a card protected by signal vaultit .

This card powers up and crates an e field around this card which will protect as many chip cards you have near this little signal vault,it will protect them all making them invisible to hacker and Digital Pickpockets

Now a lot of you watching right now may have those magnetic strips but by october of 2015 most retailers and banks will be usingsmart chip technology because according to visa it catches counterfeit cards atthe point of purchase,security experts say then more cards more thefts and that's why this story is in the news story.

is there anything else out there you could use we've been doing this story for years now we have seen various options small aluminum wallets aluminum sheets you can wrap around the cards but this card this card has a patent pendingas for the cost just under 15 bucks not a bad investment not about it all



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