Identity Theft Fraud affecting Kids Without You Even Knowing it

Identity Theft Fraud is more likely happening to Children than Adults according to a New ftc report .

Cyber security expert Morgan Wright and parenting coach author of Nanny Whisperer Tammy gold are reviling their best tips what to do to minimize the risks of becoming identity theft victim.

Americans are vulnerable to Hack Attacks including KIDS

children Identity Theft Fraud

Identity Theft Security expert has a very particular checklist that we can go through to make sure our kids don’t exposed some of their data and willingly

How to prevent identity theft.?!

He called it the 5 golden rules and steps parents can take to minimize the risk of becoming a victim


The first thing is make sure you’re protected with identity theft protection plan

That has not just monitoring ,but restoration if identity is stolen,you want to make sure that service can’t get it back the way it was on the day 1.


  • Don’t give your social security number
  • don’t fall for “urgency
  • Do simple stuff like put security software with strong password.
  • Make sure you are not the bait for phishing
  • Teach your children not to click on links

There are many things they can do a lot of this is from social media and familiarity with internet technology and their are very more likely to share private information than most adults would be.

 Protect your child from identity theft fraud
Children have untouched and unblemished credit records, they are highly attractive targets for  Identity Theft fraud


How do you talk to kids about Identity Theft Fraud without scaring them

identity theft fraud in the news
Children are Actually 51 Times More Likely to be Victims of Identity Theft Fraud than Adults

As Morgan points out kids are on Instagram ,Facebook,Snapchat this is just part of our life who is 10 years or even higher,social media is part of their daily life now and explain to them the concept !

So explain to them about Identity Theft Fraud if someone could take this private number and down the road it could affect you getting a job that’s simple and not terrifying explanation to them why they should follow this rule,the more they know the better they actually follow the rules..!

And the reasons why it’s important to follow this rule because kids don’t have any bad credit history.. they don’t have any credit history so that’s where they’re targeted in so many different ways.

No credit is better than no credit and the thing with children they will go undetected for years because the parents are protecting their credit information not kids.

Morgan Wright give some of the Identity theft examples 

Identity theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes.
Identity theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes.

Friend of his when to enroll his son for college and found out that his son has been trading stocks for two years under his name so this is totally undetected crime and The credit bureaus need to do a better job of matching children Social Security numbers to accounts they’re not existing.

That’s a huge gap right now that identity theft are exploding with the data breaches and brokers where they are getting information from and committing Identity Theft Fraud

so how many parents talk to kids about social media in their lives .?

This particular piece about identity theft involving Financial Security Parents are not focused on that piece of technology and issues.They’re more focused on being. inappropriate on Instagram or Predator finding them and kidnapping them.

Most Parents first go to the most dangerous piece , and a lot of them forget about this financial peace or identity theft so it’s important to remind parents that there’s this underline harm that could be done,But it can be easily avoided if you have proper techniques and plans in place to protect children from putting the passwords and proper software from preventing them to get information out that they think it’s harmless which down the road can be actually harmful to them.

How should parents prevent identity theft of their kids
Parents should have identity theft protection plan in place that has not just monitoring but restoration if their kids identity if is stolen

Warning signs if your child is identity theft victim.

  • When they started getting a lot of the mail unexpectedly under the name.
  • Getting the calls from IRS and letting them know there’s a problem with their tax returns..
  • Get collection calls or bills for products or services you didn’t receive

That means that somebody’s having your child social security number and it’s using it for employment.

Experts recommend getting that credit check on your child once a year and make sure nothing looks under the ordinary the resources with more information how to report identity theft Go here..

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