BREAKING: Kim SHOCKS WORLD with what he just LAUNCHED into New York City

This is a breaking news alert Kim Jong-un Shocks the World with what he just launched into new york city.

Rebecca Baker for Western Journal report city high-ranking North Korean official Kim Yong Cheol a top lieutenant and a spy chief now headed to New York.

As the United States and North Korea pursue restoring the stalled peace summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and president Donald Trump.

One of North Korea‘s highest-ranking officials Kim Young-Chul who together with Kim Jong-un sister led the delegation from North Korea to the Pyeongchang Olympics earlier this year he is seen here walking through the airport in Beijing he is headed for New York and he’ll be having talks with US officials and Chinese officials in New York he was also the former spy chief of North Korea so this fellow really is at the very top of the pecking order there in North Korea.

He’s also the guy who’s in charge of north-south relations between North Korea and South Korea

The president tweeting optimism this morning saying

Last week President Trump abruptly called off the planned summit citing tremendous anger and open hostility in recent North Korean statements, North Korea quickly responded calling Trump’s decision regrettable and expressing a desire to go forward with the meeting.

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Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday said that since Trump’s letter canceling the summit quote.

The North Koreans have been engaging with the United States

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway she called it remarkable

Two delegations – one for logistics and one for more diplomatic purposes that are on the ground making the logistic preparations for a June 12th but as the president said it doesn’t happen June 12th it could happen thereafter.

What he’s been able to do in such a compressed short amount of time is nothing short of historic and remarkable.

Kim Yong Cole will be the highest ranked North Korean official to visit the United States in almost two decades, The White House said that “Kim will meet with the Secretary of State” Mike Pompeo later this week.

Primarily to discuss rescheduling the peace summit now that high-level talks are resuming in a positive direction Democrats are seeing a different tune after they trash dump Trump for canceling the summit


I think it’s possible to have a constructive and positive summit and I certainly prefer president Trump’s choice now of diplomacy over threatening fire in fury and I commend him in secretary Pompeo for gaining the release of three Americans held in North Korea and recently another American released from Venezuela and I certainly hope that he is successful .

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Gary Franchi added “we all hope he is successful but it’s funny to see the Democrats changing their tune now that North Korea has responded to Trump.

Trump has done an amazing job dealing with foreign countries that tried to defy or intimidate us this is history in the making and the art of the deal unfolding on the world stage.

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