BREAKING: Feds HIJACK Trump Economy But They Forgot About WE THE PEOPLE!

Breaking news now the Thurl reserve sabotaging president trump forcing smart Americans into a bold solution.

President Trump he was elected to fix the economy and bring jobs back to America, however, the establishment has other plans and they’re using the global banking cabal to that end just as we feared what happened my next guest Bob Cutler from Trade genius Academy predicted it

The Fed is killing the consumer and emerging markets now people outside of the United States are increasingly using Kryptos!

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 it’s it’s insane this is gonna be a worldwide calamity if they keep going the direction they’re going.

well, let’s let’s take a look at what the conservative Daley has to report they say your bank card default rates have been higher or unchanged for seven consecutive months and now they’re the highest level since June of 2012 auto loan and first mortgage default rates continue to remain stable.

However Bob also mark Huffman at Consumer Affairs reports that consumers are defaulting on subprime auto loans at the highest rate in two decades that’s according to a new report from Fitch Ratings it shows the percentage of subprime auto loans more than 60 days overdue hit 5.8 percent in March the highest rate since 96 higher than the financial crisis .

 We talked about this a year ago the Trump economic boom undermined by the Federal Reserve

How to cryptos play into this

Cryptos is basically a vaccination against the banking system so and the reason why this is important, is that when you think about credit you know a lot of people think you know hey they’re gonna the resistance against the banking system what that doesn’t defeat the economy or it doesn’t defeat the banking system but what does is, when credit is either no longer affordable or available or people are simply unwilling to take it and then that that’s what kills the economy .

There’s a phrase they used there in the Great Depression called pushing on the string they can’t get people to use credit.


Now anymore and they’re forcing the issue by this insanity of raising interest rates and you know they tried this in 1937 to Gary and they tried it actually in 2011 and they had a retreat very quickly is that they’re pushing interest rates up and we’re a debt saturated economy.

so they’re not letting President Trump getting people employed and letting you know they’re the people’s incomes into the system before they start taking aggressively taking away people’s ability to have credit at an affordable price, there were a couple other articles that.

I didn’t get a chance to shoot over to you one was three five rate reef eyes for homeowners done nobody’s refined their homes so they can’t even tap into the equity of their other homes and student loans ,there are people been paying on student loans for eight-ten years paying 25 or 30 percent of their loan value back and their loan value hasn’t changed and these interest rates on student loans are going up as well .

so this whole thing coming together is gonna cause a catastrophe and not just in the US an emerging market now get that’s why kryptos is so important is that when a dollar gets stronger dollar moves with our interest rates so as the tenure rates are moving up our dollars been getting stronger.

well it’s crushing emerging markets so Venezuela and Turkey and in Iran people are just flipping right over to cryptocurrencies and they’re just getting their money out they’re just dumping their local currency for whatever they can get for it they’re putting it into into Bitcoin or a similar coin and they’re now in the position where that that basically that wealth now is transportable out of the country and out of the hands of the government’s ability to get to it .

so as more and more countries struggle with this and I’m looking for a big problem like in Japan coming you know the Japanese yen keeps falling in price and oil prices keep going up you’re gonna start seeing the Japanese people are very aggressive in terms of saving their purchasing power.

I can see them starting moving into Kryptos very heavily and in fact the Japanese government has been very supportive .

so you’re gonna see these move when they start moving into these tier two economies with the dollar doing what it’s doing it’s gonna cause Kryptos just to erupt like Kilauea

Chart of your crypto express signal which people can check it out a trade genius Academy com explain to our viewers what we’re looking at here and why this is important is this also s2 with the finance coin.

The banana chart I sense you had bananas is an in exchange it came out of Asia and this is the future of cryptocurrencies they have an ability to have offer decentralized exchange they moved out of Asia to Malta so they move to a crypto friendly country and they also offer rebates with their coin.

I sent that to you specifically because that coin has a bright future and if you notice your crypto is a Bitcoin litecoin ethereum had kind of been like in a sailboat race they’ve just been kind of going back and forth trying to break out but keep getting pushed back what a coin like banants another coin like AOS are just ripping through and just making new highs.

the chart I sent you it was twofold one was

  • to explain what finance was
  • our service what we’ve done is we created an add-on to what we’ve been doing called crypto express and what that does Gary is that we monitor with our algorithm 45 top coins and when we see buying pressure or selling pressure on those coins we could see it in the underlying chart patterns and we’ll send that signal directly out when you see that by our we sent that directly out to people to their computer into their phone .

so they don’t even depth even be in front of the computer they don’t have to even be watching for it and the people that took that and took that by signal they’re up nearly 20 percent on that and that’s huge.


I mean 20 percent you people really happy to get that in two years in the stock market you get it six days with cryptocurrencies and that’s why we’ve been so pounding the table on Kryptos is that the movement in these coins are such you can just build fantastic wealth even though the main cryptocurrencies are still you know kind of spinning in sand.

Here a little bit our algorithms finding by signals and cell signals those cell signals keep you out of trouble those by signals really help you make some really good money and here’s the wild thing you just apply some simple math if you can make 10% a week trading cryptocurrencies which is not out of bounds, whatsoever you’re talking eight hundred percent a year returns .

Wow and so somebody really wants to make this a focus of their investment you know portfolio you can make some really really really good returns trading in cryptocurrencies and we just made it easier with this express service and what we’re doing is just a quick plug here.

Do you have special that you’re running? there are and offers spring special number one it’s good till Saturday midnight and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna allow people to use this cryptocurrency express will bundle it with the special number one and after that we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna sell it separately so you get you’re getting something that’s worth thousands of dollars we’re just gonna add it right into our spring special number one Gary is it’s an incredible deal so let me ask you this question okay.

we’re looking at this chart here you got the buy signal is very clear nineteen percent gain in a really short term

so somebody who’s watching this and they’re going okay I want this I want to get into it but I just don’t know how to how do I take let’s say I take I want to take you know three hundred dollars okay they want to take a thousand dollars and they wanna they want to buy this buy Nance coin but they don’t know how?

How does that how does that process work

 Well it’s it’s really simple is that you there are a number what they call gateway exchanges like coinbase and Gemini and and even finance coin now is a gateway where you can just go ahead you can bring dollars in and then once you bring those dollars in into the exchange you then can select the coins you wish to purchase and and like I said there are hundreds of coins out there and then you just go ahead and you select it from a table just like you do from stocks and you pick the price that you want to buy it at and then for people using our our service they’ll just they’ll see the buy signal and they just go right into the exchange and say oh I want to buy the banan scoyne and I want to buy it at the market price and then going they purchase it just like a stock .

so all that is the same as a stock it’s just that use a crypto exchange versus using a stock market exchange gary and if you’re gonna go into a stock market exchange that you’ve got to use something like an intermediary software program to get you into the exchange.

like I trade or something like that you have to have one of those E-trade accounts but this is different though.

yes ,you just get a coin base account where you get Apollonia X account where you get a bonanza account it works the same way that way and then once you have it you just buy the coin it’s really simple little bit it takes you five minutes unlike the stock market you can get set up on these exchanges in five to ten minutes

sometimes that you’re on that thing for an hour-hour and a half before they grant your permission and the and the Commission’s are nothing trading cryptocurrency you’re talking one-quarter of one percent.

you know and pennies you know versus you know what they do in the stock market and it works the same way the transactions are very fast and then people using our service they’re just they’re just in a position just, you know trade in and out of the coins and build up their portfolio, fascinating stuff Bob!

I hope our viewers who are watching us right now jump on this right now a trade genius Academy.

Bob will walk you through the steps to help you learn how to use these signals so that you can actually benefit for yourself make some money process on the crypto revolution that well Federal Reserve doesn’t like you know the central bankers don’t like because it removes the power that they have because now you’re controlling the money and not them.

Bob any uh any thoughts before you go no I think I think you’re right Gary I think it’s the bankers are very worried and absolutely we’re we’re eliminating the parasites in this whole crypto space so and interest rates are going to keep going up and so people need to have alternatives and crypto is a great way just to sidestep this whole issue with the banks ,so encourage people to take a hard look alright.

Bob once again thank you for joining us here at the next News Network folks the link is in the description below it’s on the screen trade genius make sure you take advantage of this limited offer it’s good through tomorrow night Saturday night so you need to jump on this to get that crypto Xpress and I think it’s some something that’s really important especially if you want to just dip your toes in the water I mean what if you can throw a couple hundred bucks a thousand bucks into the deal and just start building it slowly and before you know it you might you might be the next Bitcoin millionaire.

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