BREAKING: After Roseanne DESTROYS Obama’s Favorite Liar ABC deals her the Worst News of her Career

ABC in a stunning move has decided to cancel its Roseanne revival following star Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet Tuesday Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports!

This is one of the big stories today very unfortunate news for Roseanne Barr yes she destroyed Obama’s favorite liar and then ABC deals her the worst news of her career.

According to Christian Law Leah for the Gateway pundants, ABC and a stunning move has decided to cancel its Roseanne revival following the stars what they’re calling a racist tweet, of course, everything is racist these days.

Early on Tuesday star had the writer and executive producer bar attacked Valerie Jarrett a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, of course, she deleted a tweet and in it she said that.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby and it was Valerie Jarrett.

Subsequently, she removed the tweet and apologized to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans I’m truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and it looks I should have known better forgive me my joke was in bad taste truly sorry for making the bad jokes.

Now my question is regarding Kathy Griffin okay Kathy Griffin she made a very sick joke about the president using visuals, of course, we don’t need to go into detail about what those visuals represented or what she implied perhaps by it by using those visuals.

I don’t think this rises to the level I don’t think Roseanne bars tweet rises to the level, I mean if you take a look at a picture of Valerie Jarrett and one of the lead actresses in Planet of the Apes I mean there is a stunning similarity.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby”

I mean just in the facial structure okay we’re not talking about anything racial here we’re just talking about character and the character similarities and of course Valerie Jarrett

The bottom line is people have been making comparisons to president’s being Apes for the longest time and we take a look at Mark Dice’s Twitter feed and you can see for yourself.

I mean the pictures of President Trump being compared to a baboon the pictures of George HW Bush being compared to a monkey with different facial expressions now these are white men being compared to Apes but the minute you go ahead and you you make a comparison to a former Obama Lackey then in the minute everyone screams racists and the ABC pulls the plug on the program again I don’t think this rises to the same level of a comedic performance as the Kathy Griffin stunt so I don’t believe that ABC should have yanked her from the from the show bottom line .

I do not think it should have happened people getting fired over tweets on social media losing jobs I mean think about all the people that a B C just laid off because of this think about that all the people working on that program all those careers in acting suddenly revived in this new hit show all come crashing down because of a knee-jerk reaction by ABC like they couldn’t have like maybe taking a step back and said you know on Roseanne.

I think you’re gonna have to take a take a break from Twitter for a while maybe lay off the attacks on former Obama you know advisors it’s an in thinking an ABC should’ve thought about the lives they were affecting before going and firing and canceling the entire program of course yes they’re gonna be people who say well maybe .

Roseanne should have done about the tweet well of course we should all think about what we post on social media okay but to cancel in effect that many people’s lives as a result of something that has been done and compared to presidents past presidents before comparing them to Apes or monkeys or whatever it’s ridiculous and of course it highlights the liberal hypocrisy in this country the double standard she said.


forgive me my joke was in bad taste so they continue here in the article that comes as a shocker ABC executives said to cancel rows and bars highly popular television show here’s a clip Roseanne Barr apologized for very racist type of conversation that she was having on her Twitter account ABC is now reporting that they have canceled her show one of her tweets can we pop one of her tweets up she said she should have known better than to here we go I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans and what she’s talking about here is a racist comment that she said what would happen if one person got together with another person and the baby would be like Valerie Jarrett and you can go to her Twitter account and figure out what’s going on there but Roseanne Barr also said today that she would get off Twitter and I you know what let’s just call it what it is Jessica you and I were talking about this earlier her direct tweet was and you brought it to my attention I did if a Muslim person and an ape had a baby it would be Valerie Jarrett so obviously that’s racist to the nth degree it’s something that you don’t expect someone you know in the public eye like this to do and it also really strikes at the heart of that argument that you know Roseanne was a trump supporter because it was just about economic anxiety that’s blatant racism she’s had anti-semitism on her Twitter account for a long time yeah I see you connected to this already to the president which I understand is lying on the left she was doing a very specific thing where she was saying the show was important because it showed and I’m not denying that there are plenty of people who voted for this president cause of economic anxiety but Roseanne Barr is a racist well no well I think right now you know just looking at it we live in a politically correct world right now we live in a world where it’s just not it’s just plain not nice it’s not nice to start a political let’s just look at what this was and what she said that the tweet was was not nice it was ugly it was demeaning it was gross and let’s just leave it at that why what’s wrong why it’s just mean-spirited can it not be mean-spirited it’s just that’s what racism is implicitly but it’s important to say racism she’s also posted pictures of herself Hitler mustache you’re relating gingerbread cookies out of waiting at night okay all right let’s let’s stay on topic here Jessica because what this also is and and well I hear what you’re saying I don’t understand it to be anything other than free speech like she’s she’s saying and it is extremely offensive but it is just that well and so and she says and one of her tweets there were three rapid-fire today where she said well it was a it was a joke it was a miscalculated joke and she is a comedian if she does have a very wicked twisted sense of humor everybody knows her to be a little raunchy a little rough so you know why I do agree you know this freedom of speech she should take in consideration that she has lit a fuse and she knows what she’s doing once you enter in people you know at Valerie Jarrett you know somebody from the left even somebody from the right you’ve now going to intervals it’s just not wrong of course the liberal argument will be exactly like what the correspondent in the blue dress was saying why can’t we accuse roseanne barr of being a racist and then link her to being a link that to be her being a trump supporter therefore we can attack trump and his presidency for sparking racism that’s what the liberal logic is Roseanne’s a comedian and race is often used in comedy routines all the time now her words may have been ill-timed and not necessary but should not have caused ABC to cancel the program so say a prayer for the people affected on this program and say a prayer for Roseanne so that we can maybe you know get to show back on the air and say a prayer for those executives at ABC soften their evil hearts think about the lives that they just affected because of a knee-jerk reaction because of a silly joke silly tweet okay again it does not rise to the level of Kathy Griffin so don’t try to accuse me well Kathy Griffin she her whole career was ruined Kathy Griffin’s visuals were shocking disgusting and invoked actions of people overseas and things that they have done too horrific Lee torment families and Americans this is nothing nothing on the level at all so comment below subscribe for updates you think that Roseanne should have been fired for this sweet I want to hear your thoughts and we’ll see you with the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Frankie so I’ve got to ask you is this a start of a major crash if your retirement fund is invested in stocks you need to get real right now and listen up this is a signal a big signal that something is very wrong last time this happened was back in 2008 remember that we all know what happened then now in case you don’t let me remind you the Dow dropped 57 points 7 4% 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