About Me

About Me

I’m honored that you actually reading this post to learn a little bit about me and for that I want to thank you for investing your precious time.

I'm originally from Belgrade Serbia Eastern Europe

I came to United States 1992 as a professional dancer to pursue American Dream with no English and only $200 in my pocket as a 23 year old.

Right from the start I realized to get ahead in this country

You must Own your own business and not build someone else's dream working for them ,but to be in business for yourself and be your own BOSS .

Fortunately for me I was introduced to a network marketing industry and direct selling industry by my good friend ,Who made all the difference in my life.

Road to success has not been easy but it's has been worth it

I'm fortunate to work with people and helping them achieve their own dreams , and hopefully one day I look forward to meeting you.

Bragging rights:

I'm a Christian and father of three

Hello my new friend..