7 creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm

Drawing a connection between the words “legal,” “creative” and “marketing,” may be tough, but the fact is, law firms need to use all the tools and technology available to reach potential clients wherever they might be. In spite of what you may believe, legal marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Here are 7 creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm:

creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm rocket lawyer
1. Invest in SEO – SEO will ensure your web content has the sought-after keywords that prospective clients are typing into a search engine, which depend on your area of specialty and location.

2. Provide relevant, newsworthy content – Content marketing demonstrates your expertise and can be done through regular blogs, videos, infographics or articles on topics that may be of interest to your potential clients.

3. Have a social media presence – Social media should keep you better connected with your clients, colleagues and friends. Make sure you are available for questions and referrals that may come through social media.

4. Participate in local events – Many “movers and shakers” in a community are involved in boards and community organizations would treasure an opportunity to have an attorney assisting them.

5. Create short online videos – Create short one to two-minute videos that provide answers to most commonly asked legal questions in your field and build a YouTube Channel.

6. Integrate reviews on your website – Anonymous reviews today have just as much credibility as personal recommendations. You can make client reviews easier to access by putting them directly on your website.

7. Join an online legal services network to bring you more clients – Rocket Lawyer’s On Call Network is free to become a part of and all you need to do is be willing to answer legal questions.

Creating new marketing opportunities for your legal firm need not be difficult or expensive. Get started today and start building your client list tomorrow.



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